Contact Information and Other Updates.

June 10, 2015 — Crypto For Liberty Team

We have recently updated our contact information page. We have replaced our old Bitmessage address by a new one and added a new email account for clearnet contact. The new email account is managed by a third party ( and runs on a beta bitmessage-email gateway.

We have noticed some people has sent us i2p-bote messages that have taken a too much time to be delivered. Remember i2p-bote is both experimental software and purposedly slow by design. Users of i2p-bote who want to ensure delivery times are acceptable and that there is no message loss should consider tunning the security down a bit. Reducing the number of relays and the random delay per hop helps a lot.

Crypto For Liberty is still working in order to become a fully registered non-profit association. Papperwork is being slowly sorted out. We are also looking for more members and volunteers to help the project grow. If you are interested in our activities, this is the moment for asking us for the details.