Contact Information

Clearnet Contact

  • Email:
  • BitMessage: BM-NBktQW1bc6gDAccF7tqu5m6yiXpQZbJ3

There is also an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) public service. If you want to find security-minded people, you can join us there. It is an old school server, with no NickServ nor ChanServ and no IRC services support. Nicks longer than 9 characters are also unsupported. The information of the IRC server follows.

  • Server Address:
  • 6697 (TLS support)
  • Official channel: #cryptoforliberty

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I2p Contact

  • Email: cryptoforliberty@mail.i2p
  • i2p-bote:

PGP Public Key

Link to PGP public key block

Fingerprint:5B6B A29B 11A8 8CE4 40CA CA28 3E82 C075 3449 7BD7