Manifesto For The Right to Keep and Bear Encryption Tools

Freedom is the highest political cause that can be pursued. It is not a means to achieve other goals. Freedom is the ultimate political goal by itself. Freedom and Justice should never be discarded in favor of concepts such as wealth distribution, traditional cultural values, or any other of the excuses usually wielded by totalitarians in order to take your freedom away to pursue their nefarious goals. For true freedom to exist in society, many requisites must be met. Privacy of communications is just one of them.

If your communications are not secret, you can be profiled and turned into a statistic in some government or corporate database. You can be monitored by enemies you don’t know you have who want to ensure you are not a threat to their only true way of thinking. The very right of free speech many times depends on your ability to remain hidden from the people who would kill you for saying the things you say.

There are powers out there that are really afraid of your right to free speech. That is the reason they always press against civil rights in the digital world. That is the reason why they try to ban or regulate quality encryption, under the flag of national security. They are afraid of anything they cannot control, so they tag it as a security problem and try to monitor it or destroy it. That is why, every now and then, you hear proposals about removing judicial barriers for tapping communications. They want your communications to be less secure so they can tap them whenever they want. Are you going to let them do it without a fight?

Crypto For Liberty and the entities adhered to this manifesto are here to defend the interest of citizens that want to be freemen in the digital world. Our goal is to offer resources for people who want to communicate securely over the Internet or over any other network, and to advocate proper security practices against known and unknown enemies. Our goal is to foster the growth of security software and to offer a haven for those who are tired of hearing the naive argument that if you have nothing to hide you should take no security measures. Our goal it to turn the Internet into a place for free market and free speech, and to provide cyber-weapons to fight those who want it to become a totalitarian nightmare.