Frequent Asked Questions

Questions about activities and fundrising

Do you accept donations?

We currently accept donations in Bitcoin (BTC). You can refer your donations to 14hcFbehNGkkd6Kzfk6LCNnzymVuGChXFu or use the QR code bellow.

Questions about our Services

Which services are you providing?

We provide the following services to the public:

  • An IRC server
  • A training OpenPGP keyserver
  • A tutorial database for spreading security knowledge (under construction)

We provide the following services to partners, allies and collaborators:

  • Email hosting
  • X.509 certification
  • Remote shell hosting
  • Technichal assistance
Your email and IRC services support TLS. Where can I get your certificates and CRLs?

You are looking for the following links:

  • PEM with Crypto For Liberty's CA
  • CRL for client certificates
  • CRL for server certificates
Where is your tutorial database?

It is under construction.

How can I connect to your IRC and chat with you?

You need an IRC client, as no webchat exists as for now. We plan to add a tutorial to our tutorial database about IRC. The server information follows:

  • Server Address:
  • Ports: 6697 (TLS support)
  • Official channel: #cryptoforliberty

It is an old school service, with no support for nicks longer than 9 characters and no NickServ or ChanServ support.

The IRC service is also available from the i2p mesh network. You can create a tunnel to server (b32: rj74pcdhli7oz4ic46ve6dykt6hpmrqaxnhn5eolllcvqybaxnba.b32.i2p).

What are the terms of use of the IRC server?

Some simple rules:

  • Don't Spam
  • Don't use the service for deeds that are illegal under Spanish law
  • Trying to bypass channel bans or the "ignore" filters of other users is considered unnaceptable
  • Don't set channels with topics that are against Crypto For Liberty's goals. This includes Communist channels, Nazi channels, or any advocacy of totalitarism. Totalitarian societies are about control and are based on their ability to gather information. They hate encryption.
  • Don't bother IRCops with matters that are not related to the service itself. If you are banned or have a particular problem with a particular channel, talk to the channel operator. IRCops are neutral and won't take action unless the above rules are broken

We hope you will enjoy your visit and learn a lot about security with us.

I want to become a partner, allied or collaborator in order to get your awesome services! How do I do that?

We are willing to work with serious organitations, such as software developing teams, political parties and think-tanks which share common goals with us. We can help you by providing the partner services listed above. Just contact us and tell us about your project or team, your goals and your methods. We are interested in knowing from organitations that defend or spread the use of IT weaponary for legit uses.

In order to become a partner, your organitation...

  • ...must not be linked to Totalitarian groups or ideologies, such as Communism or National Socialism.
  • ...must publicly defend the right to keep and bear cryptographical weapons, or develop cryptographical weapons that can be used by the public.
  • ...must agree to declare they have become a CFL partner in their ordinary communication channels (blogs, websites, mailing lists...).
  • ...must provide us with a valid OpenPGP key (or equivalent system) for communicating with the representatives of the organitation.

Partnership agreements are considered in a case-by-case basis. Agreements should not be taken for granted.