New Crypto For Liberty Keyserver

March 04, 2016 — Crypto For Liberty Team

The Crypto For Liberty team is pleased to announce the availability of a new keyserver for training and testing.

This keyserver won't be linked to any other keyserver, and its key database will be flushed once per week. Its purpose is to serve as a training aid for people who needs a sandbox for honning their OpenPGP skills. As it won't propagata its keys anywhere, it is ideal for people who wants to upload and perform test signing parties without oferloading the regular sks network with keys that won't be used later at all.

The new keyserver can be found at hkp://

Recent downtime

July 14, 2015 — Crypto For Liberty Team

Our main server has recently experienced a bad downtime. This has been done due to changes in the network connectivity of the server.

The worst has passed, but there could still be some unstabilities in the folowing days. Thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.

David Cameron Still Wants to Ban Encryption

July 05, 2015 — Crypto For Liberty Team

On Monday (29th June 2015) David Cameron, the prime minister of the United Kingdom, reaffirmed his position that he wishes to impose a ban on "Strong Encryption" — encryption that cannot be broken by the authorities, such as end-to-end encryption. The position of David Cameron, and the intention that backs it, is diametrically opposed to the right to bear encryption tools that out manifesto supports.

Of course, the proposals by Parliament come attached to the notions of preventing terrorism. However, it has yet to be shown that the authorities of any recent terror attacks around the world were actually stifled by the perpetrators using strong encryption tools to communicate and plan their attacks. Furthermore, quite to the contrary, a number of terrorism incidents of late; the Charlie Hebdo shooting and the Murder of Lee Rigby, for example; were known to authorities prior to their crimes. Strong cryptography is not the problem.

Lumped in amongst the few violent criminals who hide behind encryption and anonymity tools, there exist Journalists, Journalists' sources, Activists as well as Normal people who just want to protect their communications from people they don't want knowing their business. Be that their own governments, the owners of the services they are using, malicious hackers, identity thieves, advertising agencies and data aggregaters. And this is by far not an exhaustive list of non-criminal users and uses.

It must be noted that Western democracies that push anti-encryption proposals do so because "they want to protect us from terrorists," yet they do so taking away from the population the tools they need to protect themselves. Crypto For Liberty believes that if the fear for terrosism causes our Governments to turn into totalitarian overprotective entities, the terrorists will have already won.

New IRC server for Crypto For Liberty

June 15, 2015 — Crypto For Liberty Team

The Crypto For Liberty Teams is pleased to announce that an IRC server for defenders of the right to keep and bear cryptographical weapons is available.

You can access the service using any regular IRC software client, such as Pidgin. The information of the server follows:

  • Server:
  • Port (regular): 6667
  • Port (SSL/TLS): 6697

Contact Information and Other Updates.

June 10, 2015 — Crypto For Liberty Team

We have recently updated our contact information page. We have replaced our old Bitmessage address by a new one and added a new email account for clearnet contact. The new email account is managed by a third party ( and runs on a beta bitmessage-email gateway.

We have noticed some people has sent us i2p-bote messages that have taken a too much time to be delivered. Remember i2p-bote is both experimental software and purposedly slow by design. Users of i2p-bote who want to ensure delivery times are acceptable and that there is no message loss should consider tunning the security down a bit. Reducing the number of relays and the random delay per hop helps a lot.

Crypto For Liberty is still working in order to become a fully registered non-profit association. Papperwork is being slowly sorted out. We are also looking for more members and volunteers to help the project grow. If you are interested in our activities, this is the moment for asking us for the details.

Crypto For Liberty, the New Crypto Rights Association

June 10, 2015 — Crypto For Liberty Team

We are pleased to announce the impending arrival of Crypto For Liberty, a Crypto Rights Association for the defense of the right to keep and bear encryption software.

This project is looking for devoted people who is willing to contribute money, manpower or hardware. There are many objectives in out TODO list. Please, check our Manifesto and our Contact sections if you are interested in more details.

The anti-encryption lobby is calling us to action. Let's stand up and tell them that, if they want our encryption tools, they will have to take them... from our cold dead drives.

Fatal Hardware Crash Takes Our Services Down

June 10, 2015 — Crypto For Liberty Team

A recent hard drive failure took our i2p node out of service, kicking us out of i2p. This meant that our i2p-bote address and our eepsite were taken offline by the crash.

We are still fixing the resulting mess. You should consider that our i2p means of contact are not fully working and switch to clearnet means if you want to talk to us.

New Clearnet Server for Crypto for Liberty

June 10, 2015 — Crypto For Liberty Team

After a long silence, the team of Crypto For Liberty is proud to announce the activation of a clearnet server and the availability of a new batch of services.

Crypto For Liberty is now offering email, private IRC and remote shells to trusted members, and is setting itself as a Certification Authority for partnering organizations which share the same goals.

If you thought Cryto For Liberty was a dead project just because of our silence, we have news for you: we were quiet just because we were working hard.